CBD for Your Tattoos

CBD for Your Tattoos

CBD for tattoo care is becoming quite popular these days. If you are a tattoo regular, you know that after getting new ink there is a healing process (sometimes ritual) that we all know too well. 

More recently, the CBD craze has generated a lot of interest around using CBD creams for helping your tattoos heal and stay vibrant. Because CBD has shown many therapeutic properties, it can now be added to the list of options for your tattoo care. 

Here are 3 reasons why you may want to add CBD to your tattoo healing regimen:

 1) Reduced inflammation

It is widely known that CBD, and other cannabinoids, are demonstrating good signs of anti-inflammatory properties. There have been many studies on humans and mice showing this to be the case (see studies below). After getting a tattoo, our immune systems unleash cells to the affected area to heal and protect it. Throughout this process, CBD can inhibit specific enzymes the same way ibuprofen is designed to. This combination of effects can lead to reduced inflammation, allowing healer cells to do their repair work. 

"I am pretty sure the healing was much shorter than I was used to." - Satisfied SkyNaturalsCBD Customer

Some of the studies:

 2) Pain Relief (Analgesic) 

 One of the great things about CBD topicals is that they are a great way to deliver the effects of CBD to a specific area of the body. This makes them ideal for applying them to tattoos. Since topicals don't need to be metabolized, applying them to the body makes them quickly accessible to the cannabinoids receptors in the epidermis. 

Some of the studies:

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 3) Less Maintenance

Depending on how the topicals are formulated, they can be very effective in providing, not only the benefits of CBD, but also of other constituents. The better the salve, the better it will be for your tattoo in terms of: how many times you have to re-apply, how bio-available it is to the body, and the prevention of side-effects on the skin due to those other ingredients. Some of the ingredients that make for a great balm include:

  • High-Bioavailable CBD
  • Beeswax
  • MCT Oil or Coconut Oil

"I used this balm on a tattoo I got and I was surprised to see the results. Typically fresh tattoos get pretty dry and so I have to lather them up with lotion multiple times a day. I used this balm along with some Lubriderm and it stayed moisturized all day with a single application." - Satisfied SkyNaturalsCBD Customer

You might try SkyNaturalsCBD balm for your tattoo, we promise you won't be dissappointed!

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