CBD Dosage Information

The reason there are so many different CBD product types is mainly do to the personal preferences people have with respects to their intake regimens. Each method of ingestion affects the on-set and absorption in the body. Use the guide below to help you decide the best method for you.


Tinctures are a fun and effective way to take CBD. Placing drops under the tongue gets CBD into the bloodstream quickly and with one of the highest rates of absorption. The longer you leave the drops under your tongue, the more of the CBD you will absorb through the mucus membranes of the mouth. Swallowing is always optional, which makes this method ideal for those who suffer from of gastrointestinal problems. If you do swallow, you will just continue to absorb the remaining CBD through your digestive system but at a lower rate. Tinctures are also great for mixing into foods or drinks, come in several dosing sizes, and flavors.

  • Absorption: HIGH | up to 35%
  • On-set: 15-30 min
Recommended Dosing:
Our starting recommendation is 1-2 mL droppers once or twice per day. You should try and hold the solution under your tongue for at least 1 minute or longer. Depending on the amount of milligrams of CBD, you can adjust the number of drops you take based on your needs. Individual results always vary with CBD so you should work to create your own regimen.

Gelcaps offer the most convenient way to take CBD. Although the initial absorption rate is slower, due to the body breaking down the capsule, our industry-leading absorption rate makes the CBD 3 to 5 times more effective.

  • Absorption: MEDIUM | up to 25% - higher than most brands.
  • On-set: 1-2 hours
Recommended Dosing

Our starting recommendation is 1-2 gelcaps once or twice per day. Our +melatonin gel caps should only be taken shortly before bed.


Many people find that CBD is best when applied directly to skin. This is particularly true for relieving localized pain and soreness, soothing certain skin conditions, and reducing inflammation. The skin absorbs the CBD when applied, which interacts with nearby receptors to provide the relief. CBD topicals are a great alternative to other over-the-counter creams. 

  • Absorption: Localized
  • On-set: 60-90 min
Recommended Dosing:

Massaging our hemp infused balm into the skin is a fast and localized way for getting the benefits of CBD.


Smoking/Vaping has been the traditional way for consuming cannabis, including CBD and remains the effective means of drug delivery. The rapid on-set, high-absorption, and dosing flexibility continues to make it the most popular choice. 

  • Absorption:  HIGH | up to 50%
  • On-set: 5-10 min
Recommended Dosing:

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