Who is using CBD and for what?

While the research boom into CBD is well on its way, there are many public personas using and recommending CBD today. Here you will find some of their stories.

Later, check out the mounting research on CBD.

INFLAMMATION - Joe Rogan - Comedian, Podcaster, MMA Expert

Long time proponent of cannabis Joe Rogan, recommends CBD to race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr and tells him about:

  • Using CBD balm to help him reduce inflammation after workouts.
  • The positive effects CBD balm has had on Ted Nugent and his bad knees. 
INFLAMMATION - Asher Milgrom, PhD

If you live in urban America, your body is inflamed do to chronic infections, toxins in our environments, plus our inflammatory diets.This causes symptoms and stress that we are all too familiar with. Things like: autoimmune diseases, Fibromyalgia, skin diseases, migraines, anxiety, and insomnia. CBD can provide relief right through your own natural endocannabinoid system, inducing homeostasis in your immune and central nervous systems.

TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA - Travis Barker - CBD to treat Trigeminal Neuralgia

Travis Barker, best known as the drummer for the rock band Blink 182, talks to Joe Rogan about how he uses CBD to treat the chronic disease, Trigeminal neuralgia.

RECOVERY - Nate Diaz - MMA Fighter

"CBD helps the healing process and inflammation before and after fights."

SLEEP - Ben Greenfield - biohacker, human body and brain performance expert

"I take a 100mg of CBD, a little bit of melatonin, and I'm out."

ANXIETY - Alessandra Ambrosio - Supermodel

"The most important thing to do (to prep for the Victoria’s Secret Show) is to sleep eight hours the night before but it’s hard because the mind gets anxious, so I try CBD oil and I think it helps." Daily Mail - April 2018

ANXIETY - Travis Barker - CBD for a Racing Mind

Travis Barker, best known as the drummer for the rock band Blink 182, talks to Joe Rogan about how he uses CBD to slow down his constantly racing mind.

ANXIETY - CBD for Public Speaking

The CBD professor, a popular podcaster, discusses a study where public speakers where given 300mg of CBD before giving a speech. The study confirmed that CBD can be an effective way to manage anxiety without negative side effects. Study Link

Jennifer Aniston - Actor

"CBD helps with pain, stress and anxiety. It has all the benefits of marijuana without the high." Daily Mail - April 2018

ANXIETY - Busy Phillips - Actor

Busy Phillips has been very vocal about her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. She uses CBD as part of her regimen to help control it. Health.com 2018

Running Rosie
Rose Wetzel - Spartan Racer, Runner, American Ninja Warrior

I’ve been able to sleep, relax, and recover better. Instagram post 2019

PAIN MANAGEMENT - Montel Williams - TV Personality

After taking 10 different types of opioids to manage his pain, Montel Williams switched to using Cannabis. He has since become a huge proponent of both the THC and CBD constituents of Cannabis. He has started several product lines, including a CBD line to help people with their pain the same way it helped him.

Riley Cote - Former NHL Star

"More and more people will soon turn to CBD for pain and inflammation management because prescription painkillers are heavily responsible for the opioid and heroin crisis we are facing here in North America." Read about the NHL Alumni Association using CBD to help former players.

EPILEPSY - Charlotte Figi

The Charlotte Figi story is probably one of the most well-known stories about CBD. At 5 years old, she had been suffering hundreds of seizures every week. All traditional treatments failed her until here data stumbled upon CBD. Under Colorado’s medical marijuana program, they were able to treat her with CBD, ultimately improving Charlotte's life and now the life of many other children.

EPILEPSY - Joe Rogan

Long time proponent of cannabis Joe Rogan, recommends CBD to race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr and tells him about his friend, former MMA fighter and comedian Brendan Schaub, giving CBD oil to his son with a form of epilepsy.

MENSTRUAL CRAMPS - Whoopi Goldberg - Actress

Whoopie Goldberg promotes the use of a balm for menstrual cramps.

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde - Actress

"Recently I did a play on Broadway for six months, and my body was wrecked. My neck was really tight. The CBD has relaxing benefits, and the idea is to avoid using too many painkillers." - 2018 New York Times

Other Stories related to Cannabis

Gary Vaynerchuk - Entrepreneur, author, internet personality

Gary V talks about the up and coming cannabis industry and how impactful it will be on the lives on many.

John Boehner

In 2018, long time opponent of cannabis, John Boehner gave a public speech promoting the benefits of this miracle plant. He said, "I'm all in. This is the time to go all in on cannabis." Boehner revealed that his views changed after personally learning about injured veterans successfully using cannabis to heal.  Watch more on this.