Sky Naturals Night Gel Caps with Melatonin - 750mg CBD

750mg CBD per bottle

Sky Naturals CBD Night Gel Caps with Melatonin contain 25mg of hemp extracted cannabidiol plus 1mg of Melatonin in each cap.  This CBD is in a water soluble form which increases the body's absorption rate by 3-5 times.

+melatonin helps to control your daily sleep-wake cycles. People take melatonin to help induce the body's natural sleep cycle.

  • 25mg of Cannabidiol per gelcap
  • 1mg of Melatonin per gelcap
  • Absolutely No THC
  • USA Grown Hemp
  • Free Shipping

Recommended Use
Adults take 1-2 gel caps 30-60 minutes before bed.


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